Puzzle and Game World - Future Plans

At Puzzle and Game World I try to bring out new content on a regular basis. I am currently designing word search books that is available on Amazon, and digital downloads of word searches and quizzes, that is available on Etsy.
Plans are to bring out more of these on a monthly basis and also add Youtube videos with interesting quiz themes. I will also be adding interesting stuff on the Facebook page. However, at this stage all of these ideas are still in the planning phase.
Eventually I would like to bring all of these ideas together to make up an interesting and enjoyable experience for people, both on digital and physical format, and on several platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Youtube, and the Puzzle and Game World Website.
If you find any of these ideas interesting, I will appreciate your support. If you have any ideas on new content that you would like to see, please leave a reply below this post.

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